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Zuma Labs offers the top ranked scalp, hair and specialty skin products. Our customers have typically tried other treatments and remedies and did not get the satisfied results. If you were recommended by your doctor then check out our top selling herbal based products by clicking on a category. We can help wtih simple or complex products such as Acne on your Head, Smelly, Sores, Irritations, Fungus, Clogged Hair Follicles, Crusty as well as Itching and Flaking. 

9 out Of 10 People Prefer Herbal Based Products

Foot Odor, Itchy Skin, Mites,  and Bad Breath Specialist with TOP RATED Herbal Based Solutions for tough odor issues, skin problems, scalp problems & more! Zuma Labs offers nature's best ingredients that are proven to work where conventional products have not!


Causes, Symptoms & Treamtents 

We Can Help You Understand What You Are Dealing With and what we have learned over the years to get rid of your symptoms by attacking the imbalance as we well as eliminating the mites, bacteria and other problem causers.


"These Products Work Like Nothing Else You Have Used - We Guarantee It!"


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body odor kit

Kit Includes Body Wash & Body Lotion! 2 Top Selling Products!

body odor wash

Voted #1 Body Odor Wash! Herbal & Zinc Based! Natural!



Learn About Our Top Selling Formulas - From Body Odor To Scalp Problems - We Have Advanced Products That WORK!

Zinc Actiplex is a natural ingredient that has been proven to eliminate odor and bacteria that can wreak havoc on your hair, scalp, body, skin pores and hair follicle - yet is is natural based without any of the harsh steroids or anti fungals that can cause even bigger problems. 99% of people that suffer from comditions such as the head pimples, smelly hair sydrome, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrhea on the face and body etc are deficient in zinc minerals in these areas. Our products are consistently ranked as the best products for lasting results!


Natural Based Herbal Solutions For Scalp, Mites, Itchy Head & More

Most of our customers find us by either referrals or by searching for natural or herbal based solutions to their problems. Zuma Labs offers the very best zinc based products that smell great, purify and get the job done without using parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol or other ingredients that can cause even more skin problems. Also check out our version of body mint that works for odor conditions such as bad breath and other odors that washes do not get to very well. Let us help with chronic, stubborn, musty, muggy, fishy odors. Eliminate, Get Rid of the signs and symptoms that you have been living with!


60 Day Guarantee on All Products

Zuma Labs offers the very best guarantee on all of our products including products for itchy skin, acne, appearance of mites, bed bugs, demodex mites, demodectic mange, malasezzia fungus symptoms, appearance of   body odor, underarm odor, smelly feet, itchy feet and many other skin problems!