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Pet Products For Tough Pet Problems! Including #1 Dog & Cat Shampoo!

Herbalplex Dog Shampoo & Cat Shampoo along with Best Rated Flea Dip, Mange Control Products, Seborrhea, Dry Skin Patches On Dogs, Hot Spots, Mites Including Ear Mites and Demodectic Mange, Canine Scabies and many more dog skin and pet problems!

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Naturally Eliminate Fleas - Fast & Safe


Herbal Pet Products are everywhere but good herbal dog shampoo, cat shampoo, herbal flea dips and other top rated natural dog and cat products are hard to find - but you found us! For over 15 years we have been a leading supplier of herbal and natural based products for both humans and pets incluidng dogs and cats!

We have herbal pet products that you can't find elsewhere! Our products are consistently rated THE BEST! All products come with a full 60 day money back guarantee!