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Seborrhea Symptoms Gone With Special Zinc Products

Seborrhea is often called scalp dermatitis or seborrhea scalp! It is believed that the major cause of seborrhea is a very special fungus called malassezia furfur. Very few shampoos, condtioners or treatments are effective against this fungus. The ingredient zinc pca is believed to be one of the most effective. See the products below to learn which are the most effective against seborrhea or itchy skin, scalp!


What Are The Symptoms Of Seborrhea?
Seborrhea is called my many names including seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic eczema and even severe dandruff. it is characterized by extreme itching and flaking as well as large white or yellow flakes. They use the term seborrheic because the areas affected are typical the most oily areas on the body including the back of the head, hair line, entire scalp, chest (especially if you have chest hair), your t zone on the face which includes the nose, around the nose, mouth and forehead. It can also be present in the eyebrows, ears, behind the ears and eyelids.


What Home Remedies or Treatments Work For The Symptoms?
When it comes to home remedies there are very few products that work as well as the zinc products however, one thing you should note is that diet does play an important role. Sugars, Fruit Sugars and foods that are fried can all lead to breakouts and extreme symptoms. When you breakout the first thing that you should do is limit your diet immediately under you have it under control. However, if you use the Zinc products you will find that you do not have to worry as much about your diet.


Is There A Cure?
There is not a cure for seborrhea but before you stop reading know that if you rebalance your scalp and remove the bacteria and excess fungus then your symptoms will go away. Even tough itching, scratching and flaking will go away for as long as the scalp or skin stays balanced.


Is Your Prouct Better Than Medicinal - Dandruff Type Shampoos Found At Stores?
We are consistenly voted the top rated products for seborrhea, dandruff, itching and flaking problems amongst other problems. Most other products such as Selsun Blue ect use anti fungals that are harsh chemicals. These can be effective but usually only for a short term. The ZINC products that we sell are designed for longer term relief by reseting the ph on the scalp, deep cleansing and purifying the hair follicle opening and the root, as well as irrigating and breaking down hardened sebum and dirt that allows bacteria to easily multiply inside the hair follicle sheath. These other products just use an anti fungal. The zinc products use a natural form of zinc to go after the baceria and the fungus but it also deep cleanses and resets ph for a fresh new start. The results are better long term results!


Which Products Should I Order If I Have This Problem?
We suggest starting with the kit. Rebalancing the scalp does not happen overnight and depending on your particular situation could be tough to do. Therefore, using all 3 products goes after problems to get results. Then you can reorder the products if needed!

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Herbal Zinc PCA Purifying Shampoo


Tested and Proven Ingredients That Are Natural and Herbal Based
Controlling seborrhea is more than just using an ingredient to control the fungus. This very aggravating fungus feeds off of sebum and skin oils. Zinc pca controls the amount of sebum produced. It does not dry out skin but it does limit the excess sebum or oils to prevent future problems as well. These products are the most complete with eliminating symptoms associated with seborreic scalp and skin problems. Learn about the recent testing by Anjimoto Company with regards to zinc pca! It is truly an amazing ingredient when mixed with the correct herbs!