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Scabies Can Be Tough To Get rid of if you don't know which products to use! Natural products work best with mites and other similar microscopic bugs! The proven ingredient zinc and mixture of natural, herbal based ingredients is the best combination that has an extremely high sucess rate! No harsh side effects - just results!


What Exactly are Scabies?
It is a skin condition that is highly contagious! Skin to Skin contact is how the infected person caught this mite. The mites name is Sarcoptes scabie! Most all people refer to it as the shortened name scabie. The mite itself is super tiny at less than .33 millimeters long. They have 8 total legs. They dig down into the skin and burrow. The symptoms offer get worse during the course of the night when the mite comes alive. You can use a magnifying type glass to the see it. It can't fly but can easily crawl under the skin or on top of the skin. If the temperature gets below 19.9% Celsuis then they can't move but they can still live


How Do You Get Rid Of This Itch Mite?
We have used several products over the past ten years and can tell you that without a doubt the natural, herbal products have the highest success rate. The Zinc based herbal and mineral products are extremely effective. Order them today with a complete 60 day money back guarantee and get the fast results that you want!


Where Did You Get Scabies From - What Are The Caues?
Skin to to skin contact that is direct is how most people get it. Many people that get the itch mite they got it through sexual contact! It is considered an std - transmitted disease! A simple shaking of the hands is typically not enough. Using someone elses shirt or even sleeping in the bed of an infected person is not enough. It needs to be direct contact to catch the mite.


Are They Contagious?
Yes, Very! And this is how you probably caught it. It is usually in the form of sexual contact. Every year there are over 305 million new cases reported. It is common in the USA and around the world. Cases have been reported for over 2000 years and are often seen in nursing homes, the homeless population, many different type institutions such as long term care places.


What Are The Symptoms Of This Nasty Mite?
An itch that will drive you mad. The itching is pretty severe and will not stop until treated. Even then it will take some time for the itch to go away. The itch starts ot slowly and then increases in severity over a short period of time. There are several types of scabies including the Norweigan Scabie also called Crusted Scabies. This is the most severe form of the mite. The typical scabie mite produces little bumps and round looking blisters in the delicat skin between the fingers, on the back and front of the wrist, the elbows, in the groin private part areas, kneecaps, and often on the rear end.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Scabies
Many companies offer a scabies remedy or treatment but these are typically chmical based and cause even further skin issues. These products are similar to pesticides with a low success rate! Our customers are looking for a more effective, yet natural based solution for mites, scabies and similar bugs or problems. Learn more about products below! We gaurantee results! Complete 60 day money back guarantee! Natural Scabies killer, treatment, remedy that works faster!

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