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Mite Products including Demodex Folliculorum, Scabies, Lice, Malasezzia Furfur, Demodex, Bed Bugs, Human Mites and many other types of mites. Find the products that offer the very best results against all kinds of mites as well as other bugs including Demodex Mites, Malasezzia, Eyelash Mites, Ear Mites and many more such as Scabies! These products are herbal and natural based! No harsh checmicals or pesticides! Never harmful to children or pets as well as adults! See why these products are consistenly voted as the best products! Learn why our top ingredient zinc pca is one of the most sought after natural based ingredients. Ingredeints such as tea tree oil, neem oil, lavender oil and tumeric powder and oil all work to end problems naturally.

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Natural Based Products with Amazing & Effective Herbal Extracts & Essential Oils! That is why so many customers choose Zuma Labs. These are the best natural products for many problems that people face on a daily basis including the fight aginst many different mite infestation including that on the human skin, eye lashes, ears, eyebrows, scalp and even the face. Problems such as Seborrheic Dermatitis of the Face, Ears, Ear Mites, Eye Lash Mites, Nose Seborrhea or Seborrhiea Dermatitis all have products that can help!