Itchy Skin

Zinc Pca products designed to target the skin to eliminate itching of the skin often called pruitis! Zinc pca is known to help many different skin ailments ranging from itching to patching!

Compare Ketoconazole Cream & Shampoo Versus Zinc PCA

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Zinc Actiplex Best Selling Healty Skin Body Lotion


Research on this special form of zinc shows us that zinc pca is amazing for many different skin and body ailments that are caused by unwanted bacteria and fungus issues. These fungus are often found at normal levels on the skin and just beneath the outter layers of the skin. However, these bacteria can flourish and come out of balance causing a host of skin conditions. Let our natural and herbal based zinc products help to bring these bacteria and fungus back in line again and eliminate signs and symptoms of many skin conditions including itching, odor, skin patches or similar problems.