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Body Odor Solution - Herbal Based & Effective!

Body Odor Solutions to get rid of odors including chronic odor and bad odors! These products are unprecedented and have ingredients proven to work. Zinc Actiplex has been show to eliminate body odor and smells while also removing the very bacteria that cause the bad odor. See our products below including our version of the new body mint! We carry the top products that use more natural, herb based solutions! Top Seller!

foot odor

Over 1 Million Bacteria On The Feet! Start Here!

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body odor kit

Kit Includes Body Wash & Body Lotion! 2 Top Selling Products!

body odor wash

Voted #1 Body Odor Wash! Herbal & Zinc Based! Natural!


Zuma Labs has created a top selling body odor wash and lotion with zinc actiplex. This very special combination of zinc-a is proven to eliminate the causes of odors that come from the body including armpit odor, skin odor and much more. Click on our testimonials to see how people just like you have long term solutions to their odor issues. Zuma Labs offers a full 60 daqy money back guarantee on all of our body, skin, foot and hair products. This allows for a risk free trial. Proven ingredients in a purifying herbal wash and lotion! Get rid of chronic, mild and even bad odor problems that are often caused by bacteria and even fungus that causes skin patches. We also have products just for smelly feet odor, smelly hair and scalp and bad breath to name a few.