About Us

Zuma Labs offers very special products for body odor, smelly foot odor, underarm odor, scabies, lice, skin problems, itchy skin, itchy feet, acne and much more. Our products are voted the best in category because we do not use harsh anti fungals or chemicals. Our products are zinc based and use a combination of several purifying and deep cleansing herbs that naturally remove impurities from the skin, hair follicle as well as the pores!


Zuma Labs now offers body products used to help demodex mites, scabies, lice and other similar problems such as bed bugs. Once again these products are herbal based and use a very powerful form of zinc to help rid the body of excess bacteria that often causes these problems.



All orders are placed through our secure order system online. We ship most orders within 24 hours and offer several different shipping choices ranging from regular ground to overnight. Contact us if you have any questions about any of our products or services!