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Typical Acne Products don't perform well for pimples on the head. This is because the follicle acts like a fort, or hiding ground for the bacteria that causes these outbreaks. Typical creams and lotions only dry out the delicate skin on the scalp but never actually reach the bacteria that is deep inside the hair follicle?

What Causes Most Scalp Acne & Zits?

There is a bacteria that is very similar to the bacteria that causes acne on the face and body. The difference with the scalp is that these acne treamtents or remedies that work with the face will penetrate deep enough inside the hair follicle to get to this bacteria. Even if a small amount is eradicated the rest will flourish and soon you will problems again. The cause is as much the bacteria as it is the hiding ground (inside the hair follicle) that makes the problem a little more difficult.


Will The Acne Treatment That I Am Using For My Face Work?

Typically these remedies do not even come close to working simply because the bacteria that is causing the black head, zits etc is hiding up under the hair root and inside the follicle. For your problem to get a long term solution then you will need to flush out and destroy the bacteria that is currently bunkered in there. This is done with specialty herbal shampoos!


Do I need A Specialty Shampoo or Will Regular Herbals Shampoos Work?

Most doctors want to put you on harsh anti biotics to get rid of the problem. However, that can be a very answer to a much easier question. If you have follicles are clogged, then this allows for the bacteria to literaly burrow down and hide. The easiest way to clear up your scalp skin is by deep cleansing the follicles (pores) on the head. This will keep the bacteria from having such a good hiding ground. Our shampoos also use a very special form zinc. This naturally destroys bacteria without having to use harsh anti biotics or steriods like many doctors will try to give you.

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