Lice Organics Head Lice Kit

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This Kit Includes:

8 oz Lice Shampoo

8 oz Degreasing Shampoo

8 oz Ultimate Enzyme Lice Remover

Terminator Lice Comb



Order the 100% Natural Over The Counter Instant Lice Killer and Nit Remover!


  • Our Lice Organics for Head Lice is a natural based kit that uses proven natural ingredients to instally kill lice and remove nits from the hair.
  • Our Lice Organics Step 1 is a specially formulated Enzyme Mix in a kit of natural head lice products. This Ezyme Mix works as the first step to loosen nits from the hair and scalp - very important!
  • Our Head Lice Shampoo Step 2 is natural and uses high grade essential oils (very natural) to kill both active lice and the nits or eggs. This shampoo will also help to wash away the nits that were loosened by the enzyme mixture.
  • Our Ultimate Lice Remove Step 3 is a topical products that is the most potent (very natural way to kill and remove any remaning lice and nits (eggs). This part 3 contains very natural oils that are deadly to lice
  • Our Degreaser Shampoo Step 4 removes the oil from the hair. No other company we know of offers this amazing shampoo. It could take weeks for the oils to be removed by typical shampoos. This shampoo is gentel but very effective against oils in the hair! Not over drying!
  • Our BenzaPlex Spray (must be ordered separately helps to eliminate the lice from your living area or work area - a very important step!

Zuma Labs Lice Organics Products are are herbal based that are designed for the most effective results

What are Lice?  sit.


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