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Demodex Folliculorum is the mite that is typically found in the hair follicle. It has been found that most people with thinning hair have this mite in abundance. Researchers have searched for products that work best against this mite. To our knowledge the best ingredients to use to eliminate the demodex mites are zinc pca, thyme, sage, fenugreek herbs, burdock herbs and tea tree oil as well as lavender. However, any othese alone is not typically enough to get the job done.


Demodex Needs A Team Effort

Demodex Mites are eliminated best when several natural products are used together! This is vital as any one does not typically get the job done! We also suggest using the shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion as a team effort and the results are reported much better when the combination is used! Natural is by fat the most effective versus chemical anti fungals and anti parasite ingredients. Natural products can also be used longer! It is believed that it takes up to 12 months to eliminate excess mite activity in the hair! The average time is much less! However it is important to note that it takes time!

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Herbal Zinc PCA Purifying Shampoo


Demodex Products that are truly effective are hard to come by. Let Zuma Labs help you to get rid of the problem with herbal based solutions. We use highly therapeautic levels of herbs, essential oils and zinc pca in our products.