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These tiny creatures can wreak havoc like you would not believe. See some of the pictures below where the bites have gotten severe. Also read more to see how to remedy current situations as well as to prevent future issues with these bed bugs.

How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs Bites?
They are often detected by a combination of things including an over ripened smell of raspberries, buts that show up in clusters on the victim. They are bloog sucking which means that they will eventually feed on humans. They prefer to eat every 5 to 10 days or so but can go up to 11 months without eating. The most common symptoms are skin rashes and cluster of bites that are raised and red. See the pictures below!

What Are The Entire List Of Symptoms?
Skin Rashes or a single skin rash. There can be hundreds of bites after just one night. These bites are raised and red. Often you do not feel the bugs biting and simply wake to the results the next morning.

How Are They Spread?
These bugs can live in anyone's home or bed. When suit cases bring in clothing or people bring their own clothing they could be bringing the bugs along with them. This is why Hotel's have so many problems with this insect.


What Is the Best Treatment Available?
Currently the bed bugs are similar to lice in the fact that they natural based treatments have a much higher effect than the biological treatments. These natural remedies were to answer to a problem that was not getting solved and came out of the need for a good solution! We currently carry the top ranked solution for even the tough bugs. These are harmless to you and your family but will detroy bed bugs!


See Some Of The Pictures Of These Nasty Creatures Below!


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The tecnical name of the insect is Cimex Lectularius! They are light brown to a faint reddish brown color all over the entire body.